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Welcome to NetCounselors.com, an online counseling website providing you with licensed/registered and experienced mental health services. The NetCounselors.com licensed/registered mental health professionals are online to help you find peace of mind and to provide you with the necessary support to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

If you find yourself feeling out of control, depressed, overly anxious, fearful, hopeless about a situation or relationship, or just feel you would benefit from interacting with a professional counselor, please allow us to be of service. Netcounselors.com realizes that many individuals want or need professional advice, but may prefer to counsel with a professional in the privacy of their own home or may need the flexibility to counsel any time from anywhere that has a computer with an Internet connection.

We also understand that people want help from a professional counselor who is licensed or registered and trained to assist with the most challenging situations life can bring. NetCounselors.com mental health professionals have verifiable credentials and you are free to request any licensing/registration information you require to assure you of their qualifications and experience. NetCounselors.com is listed with the National Directory of Online Counselors. Licensed Counselors are members of ISMHO International Society of Mental Health Online, where Dr. Allen is a Member and former Board Member.

Dr. Allen is a Clinical Member of AAMFT American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Treese, Dr. Allen, and Michael Robinson are on the Board of APMHA American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association, and Dr. Zack is a Member of American Psychological Association. NetCounselors is also listed with Metanoia, Martha Ainsworth's ABC of Internet Therapy, one of the first consumer protection websites for locating ethical care on the internet.

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