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Terms of Services

Signing up for counseling services with NetCounselors.com indicates that you have read and agree to the following:


  1. You are over age 18, and that you will provide your birth date for your records, as well as your address and phone number. These are required and will be kept confidential as required by law.
  2. You are not currently in therapy with another licensed therapist or doctor.
  3. You are under psychiatric care for treatment if you have been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia, and that you have made no suicide attempts in the past 5 years. *If you are feeling suicidal read what Martha Ainsworth has to say*
  4. You are attesting that you are the owner of the charge card you used to sign up for professional services, or that you have the permission of the card holder.
  5. You are attesting that you are aware that the delivery of mental health services over the internet is still considered experimental, and although techniques used for the actual therapy may be based on research, the effectiveness of internet therapy is not. For this reason, it is extremely helpful for us to receive feedback about your experience with the online therapy.
  6. You are attesting that you are aware that internet communication security is not perfect. Further that you are aware that records on your computer may be seen by family members, your employer, or by technicians who repair equipment.
  7. You are attesting that you understand that etherapy will not be continued after the initial three assessment sessions, if it is determined that you do not fit the criteria for the above agreement, or that you are not a good candidate for online etherapy for other reasons such as lack of motivation, non-compliance with payment or boundary requests, or disregard for the seriousness of the process. Recommendations will be made at that time for you to seek office treatment in your location.
  8. You understand that eTherapy sessions at NetCounselors are set at 30 minutes of reading and responding to your written inquiry. Any part of the sessions which can not be completed within the time frame will be saved for the next pre-paid session you request, and added to the beginning of your session. Your counselor will ask how you want longer sessions to be handled so that all material may be completed at one time if you desire.
  9. You understand that TherapyChat sessions are for one hour and scheduling is decided upon between the counselor and client. Cancellations require 24 hour advance notice to prevent a charge. If your counselor must cancel the session for any reason, the same 24 hour rule applies and your account will be credited for sessions missed by the counselor without 24 hours notice. There may be technical difficulties from time to time, and Net Counselors will add time to your account to make up for any problems caused by our service technology.
  10. You are attesting that your inquiry is for personal therapy, and that you are not conducting research for any type of reporting, private or public.

If you do not understand any statement above, send an inquiry before beginning.


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