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Dr. Judith L. Allen
Dr. Nancy Tice
Michael Robinson, RN-BC Psych
Dr. Darlene Treese
Thank you for choosing NetCounselors.com Staff to be of assistance to you. We value the trust and confidence you are placing in us to allow us to help. NetCounselors.com's licensed and/or registered mental health professionals are online to help you find peace of mind and to provide you with the necessary support to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

You may need support if you find yourself feeling out of control, depressed, overly anxious, fearful, hopeless about a situation or relationship, or just feel you would benefit from interacting with a professional counselor, please read our Terms of Service and then follow the three steps below to be in touch with one of the licensed counselors on staff.

New Clients: Email Session Fees range $28.00 - $35.00 for a 30 Minute eTherapy (email) Session.
TherapyChats are 1 Hour. Tell your Counselor (in your questionnaire) that you would like a TherapyChat.  You will be given a pass link for the secure and confidential chat room. Provide 3 times you could be available for the chat. Your therapist will confirm one of your times, or offer alternative times. Follow the 3 steps below:

1. Choose 1 HR TherapyChat OR 1/2 Hour eTherapy (eMail) OR Hour long Telephone Coaching Sessions OR our new Fast Counseling Call

2. Complete the initial questionnaire (First time clients only)

3. Send First Session explaining the type of help you want


1. Choose Your Preferred Method of Counseling.


Telephone Coaching Sessions 60 Minutes Pre-arranged time
Available from: Dr. Dar Treese or Dr. Judith Allen @$92.00-$100 Per Phone Hour
ClickBank 1 HR Phone-Coaching @$100 PayPal 1 HR Phone-Coaching @$100
ClickBank 2 HR Phone-Coaching @$92 PayPal 2 HR Phone-Coaching @$92

TherapyChats 60 Minutes (Chat Software) Use either Payment System
ClickBank 1 One Hour Chat @ $70.00 each PayPal 1 One Hour Chat
ClickBank 3 One Hour Chats @ $65.00 each PayPal 3 One Hour Chats
Clickbank Link Coming Soon! @ 62.50 each PayPal 6 One Hour Chats

eTherapy (email) 30 Minute Sessions - Use either Payment system
ClickBank 1 eSession @ $35.00 each PayPay 1 eSession
ClickBank 3 eSessions @ $33.00 each PayPal 3 eSessions
ClickBank 4 eSessions @ $32.00 each PayPal 4 eSessions
ClickBank 6 eSessions @ $30.00 each PayPal 6 eSessions
ClickBank 8 eSessions @ $28.00 each PayPal 8 eSessions

2. Complete NetCounselors Questionnaire New Client Questionnaire

3. Send your Session and tell us how we can help. Click Here.
You will receive a confirmation and response within 24 hours.

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