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How do I write to get help with a problem? There are 3 steps to take to get an answer from your Counselor:

  1. Decide how many sessions you want and click on the corresponding link. You will be taken to the secure ClickBank or PayPal site to enter your information and add sessions to your account. You will receive a receipt if the transmission was successful, and your counselors will receive a receipt at the same time to be placed in your account.
  2. If it is your first visit, complete the Initial Questionnaire form. A link is on the page to "Sign up for a Session"
  3. Then send your first session to Online@NetCounselors.com. Only one of our licensed therapists will receive your confidential session.

How do I set up a Therapy Chat (Real time using Chat software)?

Anytime after you have had at least one eTherapy (email) session, you may request a Chat Session. It's a good idea to try to set up a chat appointment at least 2 days in advance, but sometimes less time can be approved by your counselor. Give your Counselor the information they need, your time zone, your screen name, the service you prefer, and 3 days/dates/times that you would be available. Your Counselor will attempt to meet one of these time, or offer some alternative days/dates/and times until you agree on the appointment time. At the time of your scheduled appointment, log onto your chat software and your Counselor will signal you when it's time to begin.

If you do not have an appointment scheduled by email, please do not use the Chat software to contact your counselor, as they may be "in session" at that time.

Are appointments for Chat Therapy set in my time zone or the zone of the Counselor?

Your counselor will calculate the time difference between zones, and will express the appointment times in *your* time zone to avoid any confusion. Be sure to note on your appointment request that you are in Pacific, Central, Mountain, or Eastern time zone.

How long is a Chat Therapy Session?

All Chats are scheduled for one hour (60 minutes). These may be Charged to your account for $70.00 or for $65.00 in packages of 3.

You may add sessions to your account at any time. A receipt will be sent to NetCounselors at the same time you receive your receipt. The notice will be placed in your confidential file to let your counselor know how much time you have requested. A balance of your account will always be displayed in the "subject line" of your return eTherapy Session and/or the Transcript you receive after having a Chat Session.


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